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Vedic Astrology

Jyotisha (Sanskrit: ज्योतिष)

The Science of Light...

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

The Background

“A Child is born on that day and at that house when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma…” ~Sri Yukteswar 

Jyotisha or Jyotishyam in Sanskrit means from "light or heavenly body" and is the ancient science of Indian/Vedic Astrology. The accuracy of Jyotisha mathematically, and in its predictions, are unfailing and well recognized in the Eastern Tradition. This does not diminish in anyway the importance and relevance of Tropical Astrology which is a useful complement to the overall Vedic astrological profile.


All sessions are private and located at the beautiful Pranic Traditions studio in Whitby. Online sessions via Zoom are also available.

The Purpose

The purpose of analyzing your personal chart is to bring awareness, inspire growth and provide a perspective outside of traditional psychology and behavioral assessment tools.  In each session, we will progressively work through underlying life themes and how best to manage, recalibrate and redirect energies in alignment with your goals and aspirations.

Six customized sessions have been specially designed to take the seeker through a journey of their past, present and future.  Each session builds upon the last and is guided by a hand-written, personalized report.



The Gift

It is important to remember…we are not bound by our charts and past karmas unless we choose (consciously or unconsciously) to keep repeating the same cyclical patterns.  A view into your astrological profile will help identify the patterns and conditioning you were born with and enable you to make changes to fulfill your life path by working with beneficial energies and placements in your chart.

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