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Pranic Transformation Program

Transform Your Life Through The Vedic Sciences...

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Program Package Description

The Pranic Transformation Program is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Often, we are faced with a multitude of disciplines and practices aimed at healing and discovery of the self.  Many modalities are both helpful and practical, however, nothing is as complete and tailored to the uniqueness of an individual as the ancient Vedic Sciences of India.   Why?  The Vedic Sciences do not separate the system of medicine and care of our physiology (Ayurveda) from yogic and mediative practices, the way we create our space (Vastu) or from our stars and karmic birth in this life (Jyotisha).  


All aspects of your human life are addressed individually and in totality.

Program Details

Transformation Charter Workbook

The Program is structured so you are able to work progressively through a Transformative Workbook, a beautifully bound coloured manual aimed at aligning your actions with the ethical guidelines of Yoga - The Yamas and Niyamas.

The details in the workbook are a culmination of knowledge from ancient Indian scriptures and have been aligned to the great Sri Swami Omananda’s flowers of knowledge, whom I had the pleasure of learning from as a child.

  • Colour Bound Workbook

Complete Vedic Astrology Sessions
7.5 hours

The full suite of Vedic Astrology Sessions.  Working through each layer of your chart, you will develop a deep understanding of yourself which progresses over time.  Like peeling back the layers of an onion, your planetary story will uncover many detailed nuances about your samskaras - mental, emotional, energetic, karmic, generational and physiological imprints – that you have carried with you over lifetimes.  Our work here will be to unravel those that are no longer serving you and maximize the ones that are so that your life becomes an expression of your fullest potential.

  • Vedic Astrology Sessions 1-5

  • Personalized Reports, Printed + PDF

Human Design
1.5 hours

Human Design is a holistic self-knowledge system which combines The I Ching, Tropical and Vedic Astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system and quantum physics into a comprehensive manual of the self.  Human Design contains within in aspects of the Vedic Sciences but offers a unique lens with the inclusion of other ancient systems of human analysis.  Human Design enables understanding of how you respond to the world through your strategy and profile, as well as identify what behaviours may arise when you are out of alignment.  This modality focuses on gates and channels that are activated within different centers in your body which provide a roadmap of how to leverage your natural strengths and address opportunities for redirection. 

  • Personalized Report, Printed + PDF

3x30 minute Pranic Recharge Sessions
1.5 hours

At points along your journey, you may have questions or simply have a profound experience that warrants immediate discussion.  3x30 minute mini sessions allow us to conveniently connect via phone between scheduled in-person sessions when needed. 

Ayurvedic Assessment
1.5 hours

Detailed assessment of your physiology will identify your unique doshic composition (Prakriti) and imbalanced state (Vikruti).  This assessment helps to determine the best diet, herbs, exercise, yogic and energetic practices for you.  

To support this process, I will personally calculate your Janma Prakriti – original constitution at the time of birth – using your birth information which provides accuracy and better tailoring of your plan.

  • Detailed Questionnaires + Assessment

  • Food, Herb + Spice List

Daily Routine (Dinacharya) Workshop
1.5 hours

How you structure your day is as important as what you accomplish within the day itself.  Everyone moves through the world differently, with a unique set of tasks, duties and responsibilities.  Creating a template of your daily routine  (Dinacharya) based on your constitution will increase efficiency, productivity and align your spiritual energy

Workshops may include practice of specific meditative techniques.

  • Daily Routine Plan

Custom Crystal Bracelet
by Crystal Bliss

Program Members receive a custom crystal bracelet upon completion of the program.   The creation of this piece will be energetically designed, crafted and consecrated based on your unique needs and to support your future.  Pieces are exclusively created by Crystal Bliss Whitby and will be created for you upon completion of the program.  Oracle Card Reading will be sent to you via text or email once your bracelet is ready for pick-up.

Nadi Vigyan

Nadi Vigyan or pulse diagnosis is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of assessing the physiology through direct contact with the pulse.   Seated comfortably, the pulse is taken from the wrist using a three fingered touch.  Over the course of our journey, Nadi Vigyan will be performed at every session.

Traditional Indian Meditation Class

Purchase of this popular mediation with the program ensures priority booking as this group class is in high-demand and fills quickly.

Oracle Readings

Oracles Cards will be used as a divination tool throughout the process.  When needed, a specially selected deck based on your journey will be chosen for guidance and messages.

 Temple Rituals

You are offered the opportunity to join a traditional ritual (puja) at a local temple.  These ancient rituals offer energetic benefits complimented by live singing, mantra chanting and meditation in a beautiful welcoming environment.  It is an enriching first-hand experience for those who choose to attend. 

Additional Program Perks!

Program Investment

1695.00 + applicable taxes. 

Due to the in-depth nature of the Pranic Transformation Program, participant spots are exclusive and subject to availability. 

Candidates for this program are looking for transformation on all levels.  This is supported over the course of four to eight months in order to ensure time for proper absorption and integration of change incited from each session.  

Preliminary Consult must be conducted prior to commitment to ensure that this is the right fit for you.  

Flexible payment plan available.

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