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Our Policy

Aspects in an astrological chart or Ayurvedic profile may reveal personal details about your physical health, energies, tendencies, and ancestral history. 

As such, Pranic Traditions maintains a strict privacy policy and confidentiality agreement that is part of the client package. 

Privacy & Waiver

Pranic Traditions maintains a strict privacy policy and confidentiality agreement that is part of the client package. 

Any advice provided should not replace that of a designated healthcare or mental health professional, please discuss any lifestyle or medical changes with your physician.  Waiver document to be signed and returned prior to the start of any session.  Online booking of any session is considered to be in agreement to all Policies, Terms & Conditions and Waivers listed by participant.

Fees &

Fees are noted as listed in Services section of website.  Prices vary and are subject to change.  Invoice will be provided upon completion of any private session.  Invoice exclusion may apply for sessions such as charitable meditations and group classes where specified.   All fees are subject to applicable taxes.  

Due to the intensive pre-work involved in prepping an astrological profile or other personalized session, payment must be made in advance of session.  Booking and payment can be made online at or via e-transfer to

Please arrive on time for all sessions as time cannot be adjusted based on overall client scheduling.  $50 fee will be charged for all cancellations within 24 hours of booked session.  In extenuating, emergency or Covid-19 related circumstances, session can be re-booked for a future date.  Refunds are not issued due to session preparation pre-work.

Terms & Conditions

All users and clients are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Scents & Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)

We are a scent-free environment!  Due to the sensitive nature of some of our clients, we ask that fragrances, perfumes and clothing laundered in commercial, heavily scented detergents are not worn in office. 


EMF’s pervade our environment in all forms such as cell phones, smart devices, wi-fi, RF Signals from radios even X-Rays, CT Scans and MRI’s.  These frequencies are not beneficial for our bodies and thus it is highly encouraged to limit our exposure to them when and where we can.  Our offices are able to unplug turn off electronic or smart devices for those who are very sensitive. 

Please advise if you experience any of these sensitives prior to your session and we will do our best to accommodate.

Covid-19 Policy

Pranic Traditions is in adherence with Covid-19 policies, respects the right of all individuals and aims to provide a safe environment.  Eco-friendly sanitation measures are in place at our office as well as the use of masks/shields where applicable.  Covid-19 Screening Form must be completed online or in-person prior to session.

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