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The Logo

The Pranic Traditions Logo was created and designed with important aspects of the Vedic Tradition and energetic physiology of the human being in mind...

Logo Definition for Website.PNG

1 / Chakras

Different points along the logo represent the seven main chakras (energetic centers) that carry energy up and through the central astral/energetic channel (Shushumna) of our bodies from Mulhadara मूलाधारा (base/root) to Sahasara सहस्रार (“thousand-fold”) crown chakra. 

2 / The Lotus

The lotus is an important ancient symbol in Hinduism and Vedic texts.  It represents the blossoming of a beautiful flower from what appears to be muddied water and a stagnant environment.  It represents the potential of every human being to blossom into their true and “realized self”.

3 / Ida & Pingala Nadis & Serpent

Intertwining the Shushumna on the left and right in a double helix are two main astral tubes of energy, the Ida and Pingala Nadis, representing the feminine (moon) and masculine (sun) energies respectively.  The imagery of a snake in the logo gives reverence to the rising Shakti energy as well as the third eye.  Snakes are auspicious in Hinduism and have several meanings such as kundalini (divine feminine) energy and the cycle of rebirth.  Snakes also synonymous with Lord Shiva and mastery of the ego.

4 / Third Eye

The Ida and Pingala tubes of astral energy exit each nostril between the Vishuddha विशुद्ध (throat chakra) and Ajna आज्ञा (third eye) chakra.  Ajna is the spiritual eye which allows us to see beyond the illusions of the world and into a depth of perception that perceives everything in creation as unified

5 / Nadis & Koshas

The pollen dancing in a pattern around the lotus represents the 72,000 Nadis or astral channels that stem from the Manipura मणिपूर (solar plexus) chakra and carry prana - “life energy” to the physical and energetic bodies.

6 / AUM

The Sanskrit word and symbol AUM is the primordial vibration and sound of the universe that signifies the essence of ultimate reality.

A special thank you and commendation to Nery Marshall of Circles of Energy, Seasons of Change,

whose artistic talent transformed my original sketches and vision into a work of art.

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