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Dhyana (Sanskrit: ध्यान)

*state of no mind, where the mind and consciousness merge

The State of No Mind...

Image by Alexey Demidov

Mala Class

Join us to start your transformative journey! Japa Malas are a sacred tool used traditionally to help create a more centered mediation by focusing on a mantra or intention as you work your way through the 108 beads. In this workshop we will talk about the history of Japa Malas, how each knot is set with true intention, and how to effectively work with your Mala and integrate it into your everyday spiritual practice.

You may come to the workshop with an affirmation of your own or let the night carry you to a new one!

What you will learn/experience:

• Guided Meditation
• Meaning, history and traditional use of the Japa Mala
• Why 108 beads?
• Intention setting and creation of your own affirmation
• Traditional Mantra
• How to string and create your own Japa Mala
• Takeaway sheet on how to care for and use your Japa Mala during practice.

This class is offered exclusively and in partnership with Crystal Bliss Studios in Whitby.  Crystal beads are chosen in advance and according to you requirements.  Follow Crystal Bliss on Instagram for a look at the beautiful Japa Malas that have been created in previous classes!    


Traditional Chakra Meditation

Meditation Description:

Chakra clearing and silent meditation complete with pranayama breathing techniques, yogic postures, mudras (hand postures) and Sanskrit mantra chanting.  Leave feeling energized, relaxed and balanced.  Everyone experiences this traditional style of meditation uniquely…see how it works for you!



Meditations are based on a suggested exchange of $25 per person. This is to allow for affordability and inclusivity of all who want to attend.

25% of all proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization with low administration fees.

What to Bring:

Feel free to bring your favourite blanket or yoga cushion and wear simple, comfortable attire.  This meditation is practiced facing east in a seated posture on a chair, stool or cushion.  Seating is conveniently provided and is available on a first come first serve basis.

This traditional meditation runs for approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and is open to all levels.

Image by Sasha  Freemind

Guided Meditations


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