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Har Har Mahadev!

This page is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mahadev.  Shiva represents not only the Great God of Destruction but also the principle, the divine masculine and "that which is not"  - pure potential/consciousness un-manifest.  Together with his divine feminine consort, Shakti, the world we exist in today is created (manifested). The concept of Shiva and Shakti, Purusha and Prakriti is now being discovered by the world's Quantum Physicists.  In fact, CERN has a life sized statue of Shiv Nataraja in front of it's research facility in Geneva. Switzerland.  A testament to parallels of Quantum research that have existed in the ancient Vedic Scriptures for thousands of yeas.  Lord Shiva in his form as Nataraja (divine cosmic dancer), performs the Tandava (dance of transformation and destruction).  His cosmic dance destroys a weary Universe to make way for creation and re-birth.  We as humans are bound to the wheel of Samskaras (Sanskrit - संस्कार) which are tendencies, physiological and psychological impressions that have travelled with us through lifetimes and will continue to keep us on a cyclical trajectory of patterns living our individual Lila's (play of our lives) and continue in the cycle of birth and death until we transcend the limitations of our physical body.  The meditative pose of Shiva encourages us to turn inwards, to that space within all of us that holds the key to unlocking our conscious potential so we can dance on the stage of our lives in a way that is an expression of our true selves because we have touched that Shiva within.  

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