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About Diandra

Diandra is a professionally trained Classical Indian Kathak Dancer and Vocalist, studying with world-renowned gurus since the age of seven.  Diandra is certified in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking as well as Transcendental Meditation and spent much of her childhood and adolescence in her local temple following the ancient Vedic - Sanatana Dharma (Hindu) teachings of life.  She completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts at The University of Toronto and is currently completing a Masters of Science Degree (MSc) in Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine.

After many successful years spent in Corporate Consulting, Diandra became ill and was diagnosed 15 complex illnesses, some chronic.  Today, Diandra has recovered from illnesses that Western Medicine (and a team of 11 Specialized Medical Doctors and two top Surgeons) could not treat or cure.  A unique combination of the Vedic Sciences (Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Vedic Astrology and Vastu)  were the foundation and instrumental to her recovery. 


Like a lotus that grows from murky waters, Pranic Traditions emerged as a result of these hardships and subsequent healing, with a vision to inspire transformation, support prevention and treatment of illnesses as well as encourage holistic wellbeing through Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Vedic Astrology, Vastu and Classical Indian Dance + Music.

You can view a full list of complex conditions here.  Resources for Recovery page coming soon!  In the meantime, please connect with Pranic Traditions on Instagram + Facebook for tips, videos and updates.

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My Story...

I was around seven years old when I had my first kundalini experience, the first of many I would experience as a child.  Shortly after I planned my funeral.  I outlined to my father and brother the details of my funeral arrangements and promptly advised them that I would not live past the age of 30.  Little did I know that this prediction would come to pass… but not in the same manner I had imagined as a child.


I spent most years of my childhood and adolescence in the local temple, going to school and then eventually working as I got older.  Professionally trained in classical Indian dance (Kathak) singing and harmonium since the age of seven, I taught classes in the temple and performed for most of my life.  Priorities changed when I attended University and I spent my 20’s working incessantly, building myself a successful career as a Corporate Consultant.  I enjoyed my time working on large-scale projects for various organizations but in the process of achieving my career goals, I neglected many important aspects in life, namely my health.


At the age of 30 life as I knew it changed completely.  I was diagnosed with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and had to leave my career entirely.  In extreme pain most days, I gave up living normally in a world filled with electricity, Wi-Fi and other electromagnetic frequencies.  I became confined to my house, leaving only to find sanctuary in open natural spaces, forests and by lakes.  I was told I would never recover.


My father’s exact words to when my life fell apart were these “This is a sign to follow the spiritual path you were always supposed to…”


My mother, an avid practitioner of yoga and raised in a family that lived in harmony with the environment, always encouraged healthy eating and natural healing remedies.  The first thing she did was take me barefoot into a park to ground and connect with the earth.


Over the years, my condition worsened.  I was diagnosed with no less than 15 complex medical conditions, went through a serious surgery, and at one point even lost my ability to walk.   The physical, mental and emotional toll these events had on my life were difficult but profound.

During these challenging times, I returned to the path of spirituality and natural health.  I began to go to the temple regularly, performing Lord Shiva Puja every Monday, daily Surya Namaskar, meditation and Japa.  I began to follow a diet based on my doshic constitution and completed a certificate in Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking.  Slowly but surely my body, energy and spirit began to recover.


Today, my medical doctors (which include a team of 11 Specialists and two Surgeons from four of Toronto’s top hospitals (as well as countless alternative health practitioners) are astounded by my recovery.  Conditions that their patients have been struggling with for years, I have managed to either greatly improve or completely resolve.


I learned many things on this journey but most importantly this:  There is always a silver lining in any given situation no matter how difficult the circumstances.  The adversities I have faced over the past years have allowed a rebirth and reconnection with the roots I had put aside in pursuit of a corporate career.  If anything, this experience has shown me the graciousness and compassion of humanity.  I am constantly filled with gratitude for the love and support that my family, friends, team and network of so many new people have offered me. 


One of my most recent and treasured accomplishments has been working in the acting role of Chief Operations Officer with a team of Medical Doctor’s and other healthcare professionals create an organization that “brings together the expertise of professionals trained in various fields to provide education, assistance, treatment, and support for those suffering from chronic complex conditions associated with environmental stressors, exposures and impacts.” 

My personal and professional goals would not be contextualized accurately without the perspective of this experience and story.  Goals in both areas have become synchronistically aligned with my intentions: 


To share Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Vedic Astrology and complimentary healing modalities, personal knowledge and experiences of healing in a practical way that will serve many others who face everyday and similar conditions as my own.


To inspire transformation and recovery through partnerships with patients and other like-minded professionals utilizing traditional and integrative medicine.

With Blessings On Your Transformative Journey to Health and Wellbeing...


Har Har Mahadev!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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