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Transformation Awaits...

Together; Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and Vedic Astrology represent an ancient scientific approach to holistic health & wellness, healing, and spiritual advancement.

Application of  these traditional systems of medicine and practices will enable personal transformation and growth  on all levels - physical, emotional, energetic, psychological and spiritual.

Integrate traditional methods, treatments and practices from the Vedic Sciences into your life today! 


All sessions and classes take place at the Pranic Traditions or Crystal Bliss Studios in Whitby. 

Vedic Astrology Sessions are also available online via Zoom.



The Science of Life

Ayurveda, is most ancient system of medicine alive today and is the medical branch of the Vedic Sciences that captures the holistic aspect of human health through the utilization of one's Prakriti (unique, original constitution)

and balancing of their doshas (elements)


The State of No Mind

Meditative Practices are aimed at settling the mind and allowing one to connect with pure consciousness.

At Pranic Traditions maintain the integrity of traditional Vedic teachings which allow the mind an effortless release from thoughts and cycles through the use of mantras, bhajans, kirtans and silent contemplation. 


The Science of Union

There are many types of yogas that provide different paths to moksha (liberation). Pranic Traditions was founded on the basis of Bhakti Yoga and incorporates practices of all types of yogas into our classes and sessions.

Vedic Astrology

The Science of Light

Jyotisha or Jyotishyam in Sanskrit means from "light or heavenly body" and is the ancient science of Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology is essential to understanding the very being that makes up an individual, their life strengths, weaknesses and helps one redefine and discover their dharma (life's purpose).

Planet sun of astrology


Inspire Transformation...

Pranic Traditions was founded with a vision to inspire transformation. This inspiration stems from a hope to integrate traditional Vedic methods of lifestyle and wellbeing - Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) - into everyday life.  These traditions and practices have been part of ancient Hindu (Sanatana Dharma) scriptures and Indian civilization for thousands of years and have been proven scientifically to promote health and wellbeing, naturally.  The process of transformation enables us to break the cyclical patterns of our ancestral, past and current lives so that we increase our conscious awareness and live our dharma (cosmic law, duty, right action) with integrity. 

Pranic comes from the word “Prana” which is the Sanskrit term for “life energy”.  This energy exists within us and all things that are part of creation, animate or inanimate.  It is through this energy that we can connect with our inner truth (self-realization) and tread the path to ultimate liberation or transcendence known as moksha.  It is my hope through Vedic traditions passed down through the ages, that we can connect with this life force energy and open up to the endless possibilities it offers during this lifetime.

Ganesha Statue with Marigolds

Opening Hours

Sunday - Monday: 11am - 5pm

Tuesday - Wednesday : 11am - 6pm

Thursday - Saturday: 11am - 8pm

Phone: 416-520-7279


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