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Let The Transformation Begin...

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Find Shiva Within...

Lord Shiva in his form as Nataraja

(divine cosmic dancer), performs the Tandava (dance of transformation and destruction).  His cosmic dance destroys a weary Universe to make way for creation and re-birth.

We as humans are bound to the wheel of Samskaras

(Sanskrit - संस्कार) which are tendencies, physiological and psychological impressions that have travelled with us through lifetimes and will continue to keep us on a cyclical trajectory of patterns until we change, transform and are re-born...

Transform Through Vedic Wisdom...

From an ancient system of medicine to exercise, psychological and spiritual practices, the Vedic Sciences are truly holistic.


The Vedic approach to life is based on sciences that offer an inclusive experience.  There is no separation of the mind, body or environment nor is any aspect of human life treated in a segregated way.  Sanatana Dharma  (Sanskrit: सनातन धर्म), refers to the path of eternal order and truth.  It expounds the Vedic laws that were discovered by the great Rishis thousands of years ago in the Indian subcontinent.  Together Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Vedic Astrology and all other Vedic Sciences create the ultimate path for a human being to transform, thrive and discover their own Dharma - 

Righteous Action + Life Purpose.   

The Transformation Charter...

The Transformation Charter is a companion workbook that represents a firm commitment to the self.  Vedic Astrology Sessions are not simply about change, it requires relentless desire to explore the depths of patterning and conditioning to transform, evolve and be re-born.

Sessions highlight karmic cycles through the lens of Vedic Astrology and encourage you to apply the wisdom of past lessons to make different choices in the present moment… this is the key to future success. 


To maintain the integrity of the Astrological profiling, exercises and responses in this workbook will be discussed at specific points along the journey and will not be reviewed prior to the first session.  This ensures that chart readings are not influenced by any information you provide in the workbook.

The Transformation Charter Workbook also includes personal exercises, transformational tips and practical lifestyle recommendations to help you on your journey. 


Workbook & Worksheets are included with the Crystal Transformation Program

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